Squid Ink Productions is just us – Stefan Bugryn and Julian Zuliani. We’re old high school friends turned filmmakers and storytellers. We promised ourselves to make the best films we possibly can, and have an awesome time doing it, we get got INK’D. The passion behind creating a good story is the energy we thrive on. The audience is our life, the films are our meaning and the Squid is our future. Feel free to ask us anything; there’s nothing the Squid boys won’t answer…


Stefan grew up spending his weekends renting 1 overnight and 4 weekly VHS movies from Video Ezy.  When he got older, he spent his weekends raiding the $10 DVD bin at JB Hifi. Now he just makes his own movies and sculpts his perfectly tanked and toned biceps (last bit not true).


Julian brings a creative passion that will drive any project to push limitations and boundaries into the extraordinary. Bringing an element of dark and kooky to creative projects is a love of his, as he very much embraces the bizarre in all of the creative ventures that Squid Ink Productions undertakes.

Squid Ink Showreel (2015)


Watch our award winning films below

Driven (2015)
2015 / Doco
Spoilt (2014)
2014 / Fiction / Short
A Fairy Tale (2013)
2013 / Fiction / Short

We’re tellin’ cool stories, and havin’ a bloody good time doin’ it! Get Ink’d with the Squid.

– Stefan Bugryn & Julian Zuliani.


Thanks goes out to Albert Yip for his ongoing support

Behind the Scenes / Photography / 2015
A Fairy Tale
Behind the Scenes / Photography / 2013
Behind the Scenes / Photography / 2014

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Feel free to ask anything, there's nothing the Squid boys won't answer...


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